Marketing Associate

Music Reports, the worldโ€™s leading music rights administration service, is looking to hire a Marketing Associate to support our company's marketing, advertising, public relations, and business development efforts. The selected candidate will coordinate with product, IT, business affairs, and legal teams to help develop, execute, and measure marketing, advertising, and communications strategies, coordinate and communicate marketing plans internally and externally, and help us build awareness of our company's brands, products, and services. The role will also work closely in support of our audio and audiovisual business development leads to help identify and qualify leads, ensure smooth communications with prospective clients, and accelerate the efficient closing of new business. The position will require attendance at company events, trade shows, and conferences.

Research Assistant

Music Reports is the leading independent provider of music rights data, administration, and management services in the world. Relying on fairness, accuracy, transparency, and timeliness, Music Reports leverages its proprietary and continuously updated music and cue sheet databases, Songdex and Cuetrak, to deliver a full technology-enabled platform of advanced rights, payments, and royalty solutions for the music and entertainment industries. Music Reports was founded in 1995 and is based in Woodland Hills, CA. For additional information, please visit