Rights & Royalty Services

Music Reports is a neutral technology platform for individualized copyright transactions, with built-in rights administration and royalty settlement.

Copyright Analysis

Powered by Songdex®, the world's largest registry of music rights.


Comprehensive solutions for all media and rights types, for any business model, worldwide.

Royalty Accounting

Billions of monthly transactions, hundreds of millions in royalties -- reported and remitted on an automated basis.

Software & Data Processing Services

Big data solutions and best-in-class SaaS systems development and hosting.

  • Data Transformation

    Processing data and converting currencies from over 500 content users in 160 territories, Music Reports distributes royalty and usage reports in more than 150 custom file specifications every month.

  • Data Normalization & Enrichment

    Data Normalization & Enrichment

    Normalizing variable content metadata from every corner of the rights ecosystem, Music Reports links usage and sales data to a complete hierarchy of IP control and manages a refined reconciliation process.

  • Micropayment Processing & Settlement

    Music Reports processes millions of micropayments on a monthly basis and administers more than $500 million in yearly royalty allocations, tracking and managing reserves, advances, MFNs, minimum guarantees and expenses.

  • SaaS Systems Development & Data Analytics

    Seamless, Sophisticated Solutions

    • Scalable software platforms
    • Customized analytics and big-data business intelligence
    • Integration with owner and user back-office supply chains, using customized software and EDI communications
    • Large scale, enterprise-level software and systems hosting for IP rights owners and users

Songdex® is the world's largest and fastest-growing registry of music copyright and related business information, containing detailed, relational data on tens of millions of songs, recordings, and their owners, covering virtually all of the commercially significant music in existence.

Songdex demystifies and simplifies music rights administration.

Cue Sheet Management System

Cue Sheet Management System

Providing Deep Visibility into Music Rights for Audiovisual Content

The CSMS™ cue sheet management and analytics platform leverages the Songdex® registry and best-in-class SaaS systems technology to empower video producers and service providers to manage their music content and costs with unparalleled insight and efficiency.