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As the true independent voice in music rights, we're a culture of music fanatics providing essential knowledge, free from any agenda, guided by openness - true to creators, true to users.

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Our clients include the largest, most sophisticated, and fastest-growing media and entertainment companies in the world

Music Matters More Than Ever

Its emotional power is vital to our lives and inspires our enterprise ideas. The volume of music creation is greater than at any point in human history, and opportunities to be heard are expanding exponentially.

Navigating the proliferation of platforms, rights types, territories, potential liabilities, and the money at stake can be overwhelming. What’s needed is clarity.

We respect, protect, and connect all players in the Global Sound System - the ever-expanding network of songwriters, performers, publishers, entrepreneurs, and platforms branching out to create new music experiences.

We pursue Data Fidelity – unmatched accuracy, fairness, and completeness in copyright data. Through Songdex®, we manage more music across more territories than any solution on earth. Data Fidelity gives users and creators the power to precisely manage rights and royalties anywhere music is integrated.

1+ Trillion

Performances of Content Reported Annually

1 Million+

Cue Sheets Processed Annually

180 Million

Distinct sound recordings and Compositions in Songdex ®


Territories Where We Report Content


Licenses Administered Annually


Global Clients


Annual Royalties Administered


Royalty Statements Produced Annually


For more than 25 years, Music Reports has been powered by Songdex®, the largest neutral database of music copyright ownership and related business information in the world, encompassing over 180 million distinct sound recordings and compositions

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