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Dashboard Solution Delivers Visual Transparency to Publishers' Royalty Tracking Challenges

LOS ANGELES (February 10, 2016) Music Reports, the world's most advanced rights administration platform, announced today the launch of its next generation rights administration dashboard for music publishers, which will simplify the prompt and efficient distribution of music royalty payments in digital media.

The new publisher dashboard will provide music publishers with greater transparency into royalties owed to their songwriters and composers. In an increasingly fragmented and complex industry, this new dashboard sets a new standard for bringing clarity to the confusing mass of data produced by streaming services.

The hundreds of thousands of active music publishers worldwide are a vital part of the music industry. Their role requires them to license compositions, monitor where compositions are used, collect royalties, and distribute those royalties to their songwriters and composers. Those challenges have been multiplied as streaming has compounded the amount of data they must handle.

"Music Reports is tackling a major problem in the industry with our new publisher dashboard," said Bill Colitre, Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs for Music Reports. Accounting statements for streaming services contain so much information that it can be overwhelming for publishers. Our solution makes all that data suddenly more meaningful and easier to manage."

The dashboard also serves as a business intelligence tool. Publishers can now view where and how their songs are performing in the same web account where they already access detailed statements to ensure that they are correctly paid their royalties. As always, publishers can also use their accounts to check song titles, verify or update song share information, and manage their payment preferences.

"For the first time, publishers can also now create new accounts and register their works directly online, which will speed their path to market and help their songwriters and composers receive royalties more quickly," added Colitre. "Traditional royalty systems have been slow and inaccurate. Our system empowers publishers to add and manage their own works and start receiving royalty streams in a shorter period of time."

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