Los Angeles, CA (March 6, 2017): Music Reports, Inc., the world's most advanced rights administration platform, has been approved by both Sirius XM Radio Inc. and Class Counsel to serve as the royalty administrator for a ten-year license related to the use of the Flo & Eddie recording catalog and other pre-1972 sound recordings on the music service for the period 2018-2027. Music Reports will also provide technical, consulting, and copyright research support in connection with the vetting of retroactive claims, pending a Final Approval Hearing on May 8, 2017.

"We're very pleased to have been chosen by both the class action counsel and Sirius XM to provide the technology and systems needed to support this settlement," said Bill Colitre, Vice President and General Counsel of Music Reports, Inc. "As a neutral transaction platform, Music Reports is ideally suited to the support of music industry settlements generally, and our seventeen years of experience with sound recording performance rights administration in the U.S. has well prepared us for this job specifically."

This news comes on the heels of Music Reports' announcement that the company administered over $500 million in royalty payments for uses via a range of services including television broadcast and over-the-top (OTT), background/foreground, digital music services and social networking applications in 2016. They also processed more than 600 billion performances of audio and audiovisual content and administered over 250 million licenses, encompassing mechanical, public performance, and synchronization rights.