Opt-in feature allows for open deal terms and independent, trusted rights administration

OAKLAND, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)- June 6, 2016-Pandora (NYSE:P), the go-to music source for fans and artists, today announced a partnership with Music Reports, the world's most advanced rights administration platform, to manage the mechanical licensing and royalty administration for its upcoming interactive streaming service. Transparency around licensing and compensation has been an ongoing challenge for the music industry, and by partnering with Music Reports, Pandora is helping to bring a new level of openness to publishers and music makers.

As Pandora defines its next chapter, the company will substantially broaden its subscription business and roll out an expanded listening experience. To ensure Pandora continues to deliver on its commitment to supporting artists, its partnership with Music Reports will provide open deal terms and 100 percent reporting transparency through its online digital rights marketplace. Music Reports' licensing opt-in platform will give music publishers greater insight into and control over how their catalog of musical works is being enjoyed, and offer consistent rates across the industry.

"As we expand the listening experience on Pandora, it's important that we continue to ensure music makers are not only accurately and fairly compensated, but also have more control and greater transparency around the use of their art," said Tim Westergren, Founder and CEO at Pandora. "That's why Music Reports' opt-in licensing and full reporting infrastructure is so important. I'm thrilled to be working with another partner that puts artists' interests first."

Pandora has made great strides in building a platform that offers more tools and resources for artists to advance their careers and better connect with their fans. Its Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) continues to expand with new offerings such as AMPcast, a free platform that allows artists to record and deliver targeted audio messages to their entire Pandora audience right from their mobile phones. Pandora's acquisition of Next Big Sound and Ticketfly will enable music makers to more comprehensively leverage the power of data and more easily sell ticket directly to their fans.

"Pandora and Music Reports share a commitment to comprehensive licensing solutions so that royalties properly flow to publishers and songwriters," said Bill Colitre, Vice President and General Counsel of Music Reports, Inc. "Music Reports is in a unique position to reach every active publisher in the market, ensuring Pandora can offer them all the opportunity to participate in these new services, on the same terms. This is another huge step forward for music licensing in the United States."

To review and respond to the licensing offer, music publishers can simply log into their Music Reports account online a, where they will be able to access and download a full copy of the agreement, and then directly accept the terms if they choose. Any music publisher can request a Music Reports account, which gives full access to the licensing and royalty reporting details that Music Reports administers for their songs.


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