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AUSTIN, TX (March 16, 2016) - Music Reports, the world's most advanced rights administration platform, announced today at SXSW the release of its new online claiming system. The system allows publishers to claim and license recordings which embody their songs, addressing one of the biggest challenges in the $4 billion music publishing industry by bringing a revolutionary level of transparency to a decades-old problem.

Every month, a massive number of new recordings - between 500,000 and 750,000 - are released to the streaming services. Each one needs to be matched to an underlying song, licensed, and accounted as fast as possible.

Music Reports' new claiming system solves this problem by empowering publishers to ensure that all of their existing publishing data is up to date, register new works as they are published, and look for recordings that have been commercially released to identify and claim any recordings that may embody their songs. The launch of this new system comes on the heels of Music Reports recent introduction of its Publisher Dashboard last month. The dashboard opened the industry-leading Songdex® database to the public to accommodate the 1,750 new publishing administrators who enter the space every quarter.

"Music Reports' new claiming system is an absolute game changer for the music industry because it solves the 'unmatched recordings' problem-a problem that is increasing exponentially," said Bill Colitre, Vice President & General Counsel of Music Reports. "The claiming system offers the publishing community the opportunity to bring its expertise to bear on the area it knows best: its own catalog. By providing publishers unprecedented access to match recordings and source music publishing information in this way, Music Reports is flipping a historical problem on its head and helping to ensure that every song is licensed, and every royalty is paid."

A publisher uses the system by first logging into her existing web account at Music Reports or creating a free account at She can then search for recordings that may embody her songs and check that each one is properly tied to the correct song in her catalog, which ties will then be validated by Music Reports' Research Department of 40 musicologists. Recordings matched to songs without conflicts can then be efficiently licensed and green-listed for Music Reports' vast array of clients in various media. The publisher can then manage her licenses through her web account, and rely on Music Reports' proven record of excellent SSAE-16-audited royalty payment practices.

To access the new dashboard, publishers need only to log in at

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